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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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another tier? >> we have looked at that and we have a tier in the previous cycle and decided to make just two tiers on water. >> most of our comparison just do on water and not for sewer and that makes us unique that way. we can consider it but most of our water consumption is because folks use water so wisely here in san francisco, most of our usage is tier one and tier two of neighboring jurisdictions. by having two tiers water and sewer, we are
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doing pretty well by it. >> my thought is if you go up to tier 3 that's your fault that you are up there. it's a nice way to make more money. >> yeah. a good thought that are you in tier three because of a 5-person family. the last time we visited this issue, that third tier we heard from san francisco families and we'll look at that and extend it up to perhaps tier one for large family water budget. >> if large family, also a large number of single family resident. >> it would be interesting to since we are reading about ought -- all this stuff that you can rent your couch now
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because of the affordability issues. i don't know if that plays in. it might be an interesting data point or demographic to track where there is a new definition of these extended families, if you will. where strangers are renting small spaces in houses and then all of a sudden you have 10 people living in there and a lot more users. >> i think the issue is that if you are trying to get to pro person, it's hard to police how many people are actually using the water because maybe you have a house of two people but they just use water and don't really conserve and you have multiple families living because of the affordability issue and the way to assess our rates. i think we are looking at all the things that you are talking about and we are going to pull together a presentation
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of what we think to address some of these issues. the last thing i want to do is monitor how many people are in a household. >> how do other cities do it? >> some cities that are using water budgets they are actually using gif maps and googles maps and they have a water budget and if someone want to waiver a water use. there is section in the report that will highlight water budgets and monitor them without policing. >> how does santa cruz get to be the most expensive? >> i believe they have 5 tiers with a very aggressive water structure. we'll highlight them and call them out in this
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report. they have very high rates. >> any other comments? commissioner torres? >> i don't see any upholding data that you are going to use. >> we are going to use neighborhood groups and business owners. >> that doesn't give you much information in my point of view. many of these community groups are concentrated if one specific area and the people that can't come to those meetings are the people we should be out reaching. maybe some polling data. something to discuss, but there needs to be a broader view of outreach and this is taking a lot of staff time in the evening to data that may not be totally reliable.
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>> it's a good point and we'll definitely consider that. >> the cost of the poll versus the cost of the salaries for the employees might be far less. >> good point. any other comments, commissioners. we won't be calling for a vote. but i will call for public comment on this item. any public comments? >> seeing none. item closed. no. 10. >> approve amendment no. cs 113 b. >> i will move the item. >> it's been moved and seconded. >> any public comment? seeing none, it's closed. commissioners, would you like for me to call for a vote or hear more on the item. >> a vote. >> all in favor say, "aye".
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>> aye. >> motion carries. >> it's been moved and seconded. any public comment on these items? this item is closed. >> are these trails that we passed years ago? >> no these are trails by san mateo county. >> division management and this was for easement. they manage the trail and pedestrian bicycle and people and dogs. >> any other questions,
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commissioners? i move the record show that it been moved and seconded. is that okay? >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> the motion carries. madam secretary. next item. 13. >> approve the terms and conditions and authorize the general manager to execute a purchase and sale agreement and any related document to facilitate the purchase of approximately 84 acres of have approved agricultural land. the date should read november 4, 2013, and we'll make that change on the final resolution. >> thank you madam secretary. commissioners? >> when were we briefed on this item before? >> it's closed section.
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>> that's why we can't talk about it. i knew something was closed in my mind. >> i will entertain a motion? >> i will move it. >> it's been moved and second. any public comment on this item. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> i have some questions. they are going to lease the property? is that correct in do we know what it's going to be leased for? >> through programs, general manager infrastructure, this is a case where we were leasing property from the private entities in order to drill wells and create a safer working environment for the workers in a tunnel below grade. the owner wants to sell the land free and clear. we have basically two options before us. one was to move
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forward with eminent domain on the lease portion and the other option was to purchase the property on the open market. we negotiated with the owner. our offer is 10 percent above. what is critical on this particular item is that if we do not have the wells in place we'll spend 3 million $3 million to make a safer work environment and have the ability to sell it after the construction is complete. >> i thought i read here that they are going to lease it? >> they are going to lease it back for a short period of time until they move off the property. they will lease just the house area because the plans were to sell the house and retire.
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>> so how much are we going to lease it for? >> the lease is basically it's a free lease back as part of making this transition happen because the current lease on the well has expired. so as a counter for not having us vacate the wells, they will lease back during the move out period. >> for free? >> yes. >> they have maintenance obligations so they will maintain the property while they are in possession so that's a cost savings to you and you don't have to handle the property and trespassers, that sort of things? >> as part of the price this was considered as part of the price. >> is there a time limit for them? bhaps #2ksh what -- what happens if they decide to stay for 10 years.
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>> i can't remember the exact date. brian is here. >> 18 months. >> okay. this item no. 13 has been moved and seconded. public comment is open and closed am i right? i will call for a vote. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> the motion carries. we went out of order to make sure people were paying attention. madam secretary please call that last item. >> i apologize for missing item no. 11. it's authorize the joint funding agreement with u.s. geological survey for an amount not to exceed 335, 000. >> moved and seconded. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye.
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>> the ayes have it. motion carried. next item. >> item 14 public comments on matters to be discuss in closed session. >> motion asserted. second. is there a public comment on attorney-client. seeing none, all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. we are going into closed session. >> item 16, conference with legal council. pursuant to california, list gaegs existing litigation mark appear and matt appear and san francisco, item
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17, conference with legal existing litigation. san francisco and pacific gas and electric trick company. item 18. existing litigation city and county of san francisco versus paveng gas and electric company. item 19, existing litigation pacific gas and electric company versus city and county of san francisco item 20, anticipated litigation as mrif. plaintiff.
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item 21. threat to public services or facilities. consultation with agency chief of security concerning security of sf puc water and power systems. following closed session, the commission will reconvene in
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open session.
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